IT compliance generally refers to two key areas: how well a company follows its own rules, and how well a company follows the rules imposed on it by outside groups. Both are important and can dictate different restrictions on an organization. Non-compliance can be expensive because it diverts attention from normal operations, increases regulatory scrutiny, invites legal action, and in the end, can impact your customers.

In our experience, organizations  are not typically resistant to IT compliance,  rather they are confused about where to start. Common questions include:
  • What regulations apply to my organization now, and what may be applicable in the future?  
  • Should I save all my data or can I delete this?  
  • What is my current level of risk and how do I take steps to remediate problem areas?
Dedicated Computing can provide the guidance necessary to navigate these questions and any others that may arise throughout the compliance dscovery process. Successful compliance can best be thought of as an iterative process composed of five pieces:
  • Automated tools
  • Processes
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Remediation
Each piece forms part of a positive feedback loop that improves an organization’s compliance practices. When all pieces are combined properly, the result is a compliance process that meets current requirements as well as positions the organization to adapt to future changes.

Dedicated Computing offers a wealth of experience in the area of IT compliance, with expertise in medical, financial, and general business areas. We offer compliance solutions which address the requirements of PCI, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA, and other specific compliance mandates that may affect your organization.  Depending on your environment, data access needs, and the criticality of the applications you use, Dedicated Computing will leverage solutions for IT compliance specifically designed to meet your unique requirements.

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